Odes and Limericks

[ Chris Fallin ]

(I also have computer-architecture specific limericks and some compiler-specific limericks.)

Limerick o' Multithreaded Programming

A developer knew not his thread safety
And he lived until he was eighty.
Every day of his life
Global data gave strife
Said he, "this problem is weighty!"

Limerick for Undergrad Thesis

And then, his thesis completed
His data and code he deleted.
But along came advisor
And said 'twould be wiser
If results could again be repeated!

Limerick o' the Confused Software Developer

There once was a confused developer,
The questions they did envelop 'er.
Till one day the code
Did as it was told
And confusion no longer deadlock'd her.

Ode to Coffee

Coffee is good, coffee is great
Dark black elixir my spirits elate!
Theorems and code and circuits create
Confusion only caffeine can alleviate.

What then would I do without coffee bean
I fear such a shortage would, in fact, mean
the end of the world! Oh, what horrors I see
Were coffee suddenly to cease to be.

So send me the brew, fresh-pressed and pure
That I could press on and still endure:
When sleep is sparse and workload unyielding
Yet I march on, my coffee-mug wielding.

(Several much older (circa high school) and more terrible odes/limericks elided for everyone's benefit.)