Computer Architecture Limericks

[ Chris Fallin ]

(I also have some more more generic odes/limericks and some compiler limericks.)

There once was a large CISC instruction
Averse to u-op reduction.
The microcode said,
"I dislike this thread!
'Tis a great performance obstruction."

The packet flew quick through the NoC
Paced by the clock's constant tock
But the critical path
Soon unleashed its wrath
And further improvements did block.

There once was a wayward DIMM
Decided to die on a whim.
Said bit-error recovery,
'Tis an unfortunate discovery!
The chance for success is slim.

Said core, "I work out-of-order --
Of performance, I'm a supporter.
Many instructions
Have value-productions
Of them, I do 'bout a quarter."

There once was a wise branch predictor
Said "come, let us not fight or bicker!
A branch may be taken,
Or I may be mistaken,
But with me, you'll be a lot quicker!"

There once was a cache, coherent;
To performance it was quite adherent.
Till came an eviction
That defied all prediction
And destroyed the correctness inherent.

And some about grad student life in general:

The student, never once sleeping,
Lurks near the vast machines beeping.
Churning out code
In his humble abode
His sanity ne'er quite keeping.

There once was a paper rebuttal
With several fine points, quite subtle!
Beware, all reviewers:
Your false points it skewers
With clarity that shan't befuddle.