Compiler Limericks

[ Chris Fallin ]

(I also have some more more generic odes/limericks and some computer architecture limericks.)

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Limerick o' the Large CFG

There once was a large CFG;
'twas analyses' sworn enemy.
Till they looked at the nodes
And removed the dead code --
Then traversed over IR with glee!

Limerick o' the Odd Nat'rul Loop

There once was an odd nat'rul loop;
Went around three times in one swoop.
Till an analysis said
"Your header is bad!
Has not one branch, but a whole troop!

Limerick o' the Fierce Path-Merger, Phi

There once was a node whose name, Phi
struck fear into all who could see.
With furious wrath
Merges incoming paths,
Enforcing the SSA creed.